Equity and Excellence in Education

What I Believe

Great schools are a foundation of great communities. 

Mount Vernon is a great community.

Together we can make Mount Vernon a center of academic excellence in Fairfax County.

Equity and Excellence Mean Your Zip Code Doesn't Determine the Quality of Your Education

Tightening budgets, surging and increasingly diverse school populations require innovative solutions.
World-class academic and enrichment programs must be available for all Fairfax County students.
All of our schools deserve strong business partnerships that provide mentoring, interning and enrichment opportunities.
Ensure that financial, human, technological and other resources are used responsibly.

Innovative Solutions Require a Shared Community Vision

Local and state policymakers must work together with the community to make the 
Mount Vernon school district a center of academic excellence for all of our students.
A holistic approach to equipping our students with 21st -century skills will strengthen our community for the future.