Challenging times require innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of our district.  

Mount Vernon has a wealth of untapped resources including: Fort Belvoir, the George Washington Presidential Library, Gunston Hall, Mount Vernon, Woodlawn Residences, Gum Springs Museum, Lorton Workhouse, a dormant planetarium and numerous health care organizations and nonprofits. Working with the leaders of these organizations, the County and FCPS can develop strong partnerships between neighborhood schools to create learning opportunities for our students all while building a skilled workforce for the economic renewal of our community.

Parent organizations pick up the shortfall to fund transportation, technology, after school enrichment programs and care and share programs for basic necessities for some.  Our schools are at the tipping point and some parents are choosing to leave the public school system to ensure their child’s needs are met.

Our schools must serve the needs of all of our children.  

We must provide a world class education from early childhood to the student who struggles with learning English as a second language, as well as the student who gets excited solving multi-variable calculus problems or wants to tell a story through journalism or documentary films.

A zip code should not determine the quality of education for a student in Fairfax County.

Today, students in Mount Vernon do not have the same opportunities available to students elsewhere in Fairfax County.  Advanced academic courses, strong enrichment programs, state of the art technology and business partnerships are not consistently available at all of our schools.

Many of our facilities are outdated. 

Trailers are a way of life for our students. Surging population growth has resulted in more diverse and overcrowded schools with a projected shortfall of 1000 seats.